For 250 years, Ramsdell Hall has stood looking out over the Cheshire Plain towards Jodrell Bank and the Welsh Hills. While Randle Wilbraham was building his Gothic Folly at Mow Cop, nearby , William Lowndes of Old House Green was building his Georgian country house.A short distance away is Little Moreton Hall, a half-timbered Tudor Manor, perhaps the best of its type in England. What visual delights in this part of Cheshire!


Little did William Lowndes know, when he built the Hall, that within a 100 years, there would be a thriving canal to the rear of his property and a railway station a few yars from the impressive front gates.

The "Macc" canal is part of the Cheshire Ring of 6 canals, connecting six canals for a circular route of 97 miles, with 92 hand-operated locks. It was opened in 1831.

How many people have passed along the canal and gazed  up in wonder at the Hall one can only surmise.


Mow Cop Station, on the North Staffordshire Railway, was opened in 1848 but closed in 1964, along with so many others. Immortalised in the song "Slow Train" by Flanders and Swann. My grandpa Franz knew the station well as he got off the Manchester train on his visits to the hall just before WW1.


Actor Roger Moore nearly bought the hall in 1968 but his wife wanted to be nearer London. Since then, the present proprietors have given the hall all that it needed. One of the Jewels of Cheshire has never been in better hands.




Come inside and meet the people who have lived and worked here for 250 years.

Those who built it,those who maintained it and those who renovated and restored it.

Some, like my grandmother were born here. Others, like my great-grandfather died here. But whatever their circumstances, all those who have loved and cherished it remain here. Spiritual imprints in every brick and every plant in the spaceous grounds.

Thanks to my sister Jane for some of the photos and to other contributors on the net.