Ramsdell hall best

This page is dedicated to those who not only lived at the Hall but worked and served there. From the 1841 Census we meet Sarah Jones, Elizabeth Eaton, Hannah and Mary, but don't know their respective duties.


In 1851, we meet Henry Blagg, the footman, Anne Fallows, kitchen maid, Anna Dodds, housemaid, Car Eccleston, the cook, and the housekeeper, M.A.Ibbs.


By 1861,William Beresford is the footman but living close by at Ramsdell Lodge. There are two housemaids now, Ann Rigby aged twenty-nine, and Elizabeth Stubbs, aged twenty seven 27. Anne Stubbs, aged twenty-three, is the kitchen maid.

Alice Goodman, aged thirty-two, is now the cook, a position she is to hold until the Williamsons leave the Hall.Originally from Footsway in Kent,what stories she could tell us from her 30 years spent there.


Joining Alice by 1871 are Julia Lawton, twenty-three, and Ann Beresford, just fifteen, the daughter of William the footman. Only Hugh and Edward are left of the Williamsons there, but by 1881, Ramsdell Hall and Alice has a mistress at last with Hugh having married Mary.

Fanny Richards, twenty-six, and Emma Dale, twenty-nine, are taken on as housemaids, and twenty-six year old Alice Ball as ladies maid.

Twenty-seven year old Annie Broadhurst supports Alice as kitchen maid. Once again, Ramsdell is full of people!


With the Chaddock-Lowndes finally taking up residence at the Hall, Alice Goodman  follows Hugh and Mary Williamson to Lower Heath, Congleton to become housekeeper there ... and no doubt still cook. When Hugh dies in 1899, she stays on with Mary until her death in 1903. Nearly half a century working for the Williamson Family.


A new and very young domestic staff arrives with the Chaddock-Lowndes. Seventeen year old Ellen Johnson becomes cook with her older sister Emma,twenty-three, as parlour maid. Mary Mart, sixteen, is housemaid and Thomas' love of horse-riding brings seventeen year old Sydney Francis in as groom. With the twins born in 1891 and Roddy,1893, what a young and vibrant household it must have been.The old hall must have wondered what was happening!


The 1901 census only lists Jane Brough,16, from Tunstall as a living-in domestic. Perhaps so much youth had been too much, or our young domestics had started their own families.


One thing is for sure ... few who lived and worked at Ramsdell Hall will ever forget it.