Some very special pictures below of the Chaddock-Lowndes who moved into Ramsdell Hall during the late 1880s. As yet I have none of Thomas but there is one of his wife Emilie, taken a year before her death.


Sons Tommie and Roddie are there, together with one of the twins, my grandmother Ione. As yet I have none of her sister,Iris, on her own, but there is one of her with Ione ... and a handwriting exhibit. The lady on the horse is unknown. All pictures are from 1917 unless otherwise indicated.


Marjorie Horner, who went on to marry Roddie, is pictured first left with cousin Ione next to her in the group of 5 young ladies.

Tommie had a passion for cars and bikes and it seems birds too. Roddie is on leave from France.


The Queenie and Rudolf in the letter are Ione and Franz Hunter on the occasion of Thomas Chaddock-Lowndes' death in 1912.They would eventually marry in 1922.


The motto,under the lion, reads "PRO DEO ET PATRIA" meaning "For God and Country"


Concerning the Loch Sloy,I have a poignant newspaper report from Australia,1899, describing Great Aunt Rose's bravery as the ship went down off Kangaroo Island.


Alastair carries Lowndes and Race as his middle names and these family names recur within his children. The legacy of the Lowndes of Odd Rode lives on.


This page is dedicated to my grandmother,Ione Chaddock-Lowndes who was the kindest,sweetest of people. She is my direct link to Ramsdell Hall and its history.


I knew her as Granny in Yorkshire and spent many happy hours in her company.She was born in Ramsdell Hall and lived there until her late 20s. Her name lives on through her son's daughter,Ioene.


This page will develop as more photographs and artefacts become available but for now please enjoy what we have so far.